A Gym For Generations


Meet the Tiger Team


Sarah Belisle

Sarah has a certificate in personal training from the National Training institute and has been training for nine years. Sarah has been a rehab specialist as well as an instructor for NPTI and WITS (World Instructor Training Schools). She also has been coaching volleyball at Mahtomedi High School for the past three years. She is currently enrolled with Precision Nutrition. Sarah loves to work with clients on issues like posture and self esteem. Sarah loves to travel, going to concerts, cooking and food prep. 


"I once trained a 73 year old lady who lost 8 pounds in less than two weeks. She was only able to touch her knees and within two weeks she was touching the ground. Age doesn't matter. It's never too late to improve your health. 
"We have many stabilizer muscles that are neglected and weak which causes joint issues and injuries. Train your body from the inside out. Improve posture, strength, and flexibility to be a better you."


Ryan Malmer

Ryan has bachelors degree in Exercise Science from NDSU and is a NASM certified personal trainer. He enjoys working with clients who experience joint issues. He has aided clients suffering from osteoporosis including a couple that saw their bone density increase after training with Ryan. In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing sports like softball and baseball as well as playing video games and poker.


Ryan has helped improve the abilities of many clients. A previous client of his was once wheelchair bound, and after training with Ryan they are now able to move about using a walker. 


Zach Flake 

Zach has been training for 11 years and has a certificate in personal training from the National Personal Training Institute, where he also taught for 4 years. He coached volleyball for 2 years at Mahtomedi High School. He enjoys working with motivated clients who are determined to meet their goals. Zach enjoyed hiking, coloring, and going to movies and concerts. 


"I've regained my full height because of posture improvements, lost four inches off my waist and all sorts of inches elsewhere, gone from XL to medium in clothing size, significantly improved my balance and coordination, gained considerable strength in my core and limbs, and my medical exams show better metabolic measurements. Various chronic shoulder, hip, and ankle pains are now issues of the past"